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    The Return on Investment, Simple Numbers Style

    Many entrepreneurs have behaviors that stand in the way of performance greatness. My passion is presenting them data in a “Simple Numbers” way,...
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    [Video] The 4 Essential Qualities of a Healthy Team

    "Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene."
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    How Two Entrepreneurs Stared Down Failure and Reinvented Their Business

    Entrepreneurs are driven creatures. They are control freaks. They not only want control, they think that they can get control.
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    Does your code of values impact your bottom line?

    I recently shared a guest column I wrote for Franchising World about how “Private Equity Can Help Franchise Businesses Thrive.” And that message...
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    [VIDEO] How To Exploit Your Power Of Persuasion

    Some people seem to get everything they ask for thanks to the power of persuasion. And we chalk it up to their charm, their looks, their background,...
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    The Difference Lies In The Emotional Connection

    I was strolling through The Florida Mall in Orlando after finishing an industry trade show when I stopped in mid step, startled by the site of two...
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    In Business, Silence Can Be Golden

    Have you ever waited for a prospect to return your call?
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    [VIDEO] Privacy is dead: Take advantage of it.

    "What happens in Vegas, stays on Youtube."
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    Stop Being Such A Predictable Leader: 6 Ways to Change this NOW

    Does your team “have your number?” Do your kids? Your significant other? Sure they do.
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    The Only Investment That Guarantees 300% ROI

    Executive Training is a Must in Today’s Competitive Markets. As we emerge from the recession and lackluster growth, most CEO’s feel that they...
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