The best CEOs know how to anticipate

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It's true that entrepreneurs have personalities that differ from the average person. The entrepreneurs' mind is opportunity-seeking, and full of ideas. 
Another trait they excel at? Anticipating.
Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks and renowned businessman, recounts how anticipating pivotal directions made a lot of his success in this week's video. He knows that the best CEOs know how to anticipate.
Anticipating and making bold moves as a result of that is difficult. You'll draw criticism and much doubt from those around you. Such was the lesson Schultz learned in deciding to close all stores for retraining, risking millions of dollars. But he knew that allowing for things to continue at the low-quality level they were at was a worse alternative. 
"Great entrepreneurs must have the curiosity to...metaphorically see around the corner. 'What's coming? What can I anticipate that other people don't see?" he explains. "You must have the courage of your convictions to execute the strategy." 
He also adds that when you do run with that courage and follow through, you have to also be ready to accept the responsibility if the move you make proves wrong.
Watch the full video below to hear his full discussion!