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Author: Gerardo Gonzalez

    Gerardo Gonzalez

    Gerardo Gonzalez
    Gerardo helps keeps the Growth Institute community informed on current and reliable ideas to help scale businesses. He currently lives in Austin, Texas where he attended university. A History degree, an apprenticeship in digital marketing, and a keen interest in messaging keep him busy as a lifelong learner.
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    How To Engage Your Employees [Data + Trends]

    How you lead and manage your people plays a key part to scaling your business. And a lot of that comes down to the employee experience in your...
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    The Corporate University: How To Grow Your Business With Focused Employee Training

    Jack Welch, the longtime leader of General Electric (GE), was a firm believer in the value of corporate learning. “An organization’s ability to...
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    How To Support Your Company's Sales And Marketing Growth

    Sales and marketing can be a rocket-fueled business-growth engine. But without the proper support from CEOs and other leaders, it can also be an...
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    6 Time Management Challenges For Executives (And 6 Ways To Solve Them)

    In one of his teachings, CEO coach John Wilson tells the story of an executive who worked constantly. His name was Derek Bullen and his 24/7...
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    6 Books You Can Read This Year To Better Manage Rapid Business Growth

    Sometimes the challenges of rapid business growth can seem as complex as rocket science. How can you ever learn all the ins and outs of taking your...
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    10 Growth Strategies For Today’s Changing Landscape, According To Top Business Experts

    As the world adapts to a new pandemic-shaped landscape, the path to growing your business will take some twists. Business leaders at all levels...
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    6 Lessons This CEO Learned After Leveling Up Her Company With The Scaling Up Course

    Like most entrepreneurial leaders, Barbara Turley stumbled into building her company. After working as an investment banker for 15 years, Barbara...
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    18 Actions To Build The Culture Of A High-Performing Company

    Culture is a widely covered topic for executives and entrepreneurs. But it can be difficult to find reliable and practical strategies for creating a...
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    The 3 Phases To Know If You Want Your Company’s Culture Renovation To Work

    renova   Every good leader knows that a healthy culture is critical to their company’s success.It’s no surprise then that culture change is a...
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    14 Guidelines To Engage Every Employee In A Culture of Winning

    We all want the blueprint for getting employees to act like owners, grow the business, and 3x employee engagement.Luckily, there is a powerful...
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