To win, make your vision your mission

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It's a faint memory now, but at one point, Amazon was a friendly online bookstore, and nothing more.

So how is it that Amazon has come from a humble little online store to the online mega-retailer that is infiltrating every industry as we know it? 

It is all due to their conviction to make their vision their mission.

In the video clip below, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of the ubiquitous Amazon, explains how throughout the company's journey, he always chose to focus on his vision: creating a customer-centric company.

Since Amazon was born at the advent of the internet revolution, the options for what products to focus on were endless. But Bezos carefully selected books based on several factors: broader selection, relatively little competition, and readily available distributors. These factors all played into his larger vision of being a customer-centric company. They had greater selection for their products, they were able to ship things at incredible speeds because of their large database of distributors and no one at the time was competing in the online bookstore game.

From the get-go, Bezos chose to make Amazon the example for what a company who put their customer's satisfaction above all else. 

Twenty-three years later, they still own that domain.

Watch the full clip below to hear the full interview!