The things you SHOULD yell about

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No one likes a superior that's always on your case with loud, critical words. It takes a certain amount of calm and understanding to get things done efficiently and happily.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, it takes a bit of yelling to push people in the right direction.*

Indian American business executive and current CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi recounts how she learned this trick of the trade.

In a 30-minute interview that turned into hours, the late Steve Jobs passed on his bit of wisdom to Nooyi on when it's ok to go hulk on your employees.

"If you really feel strongly about something and you don't like something people are doing," he told her, "throw a temper tantrum." 

Now while this sounds tyrannical, his point was that people have to understand that you are truly passionate about something for them to take you seriously. For Nooyi, it was career-changing, as she was a person not prone to this kind of "motivation."

Watch the full video below to hear her full recounting of the interview!

*While yelling in this case is presented as a motivator, it's important to remember that it has to be about select critical points. Yelling about everything only turns you into a tyrant and diminisher.