[VIDEO] Invest in the right attributes to get the innovation you want

Innovation is the word of our era. Every company is looking to be innovative; you want every person you hire to be an innovator. Innovation has been immensely enabled by technology and the boom of the tech industry. So what are the things these companies that we aspire to be focus on to be “innovative”? Emily Groves is founder and MD of Indigo Swan, an energy consulting company that strives to promote innovation through a humane touch. In the video below, Emily addresses what she believes are three attributes you should invest in to get the innovation you want:
  1. Invest in hunger. More than just passion, hunger is an immense deep-rooted drive that all people have. Tap into the hunger that people already have and nourish it. This hunger develops grit and persistence in employees.
  2. Invest in humans. The people that work for you have the capacity to be the drivers for innovation. People want to be encouraged, heard and praised. Make sure you’re investing in your “humans.” A group of very hungry, persistent humans can do amazing things.
  3. Invest in habitat. The environment your group of individuals is in makes all the difference. If you create a stimulating environment, you’ll see the best of people. This includes knowing how to make failure ok. When your employees make mistakes, refrain from blaming. The best innovations come from failures, so make sure to make employees feel safe and free from guilt when failures happen. Seek to grow them instead.

Innovation isn’t as elusive as you think. If you invest in the right attributes, you will get the innovation you want.