Executive isolation is real, and so is the cure

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executive isolation
If you've ever been in the "upper ranks" of an organization, you've most likely experienced it: loneliness. 
Being at the top and making choices from above is not easy. It's oftentimes draining, and you are in it alone. Little did you know there is a term for this: executive isolation.
In this week's video, Hubspot, creators of inbound marketing and sales software, offer their advice on how to not only deal with, but cure executive isolation.
In many organizations, when a problem occurs, executives lock themselves behind closed doors and come up with new goals, strategies and plans to get through it. What ends up happening is they lose touch with what is really going on the organization.
Executives dream up what to subordinates seem like unrealistic expectations. Executives end up frustrated, subordinates end up frustrated. No one wins.
Instead, Hubspot offers, try getting up close. Go into the "ranks." Speak to your customer service reps, speak to your customers. Find out what's really happening, and your isolation will end.
Watch the full video below to get the full overview!