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    4 Things to Do When Your Prospect Chose Someone Else

    I was recently training a client’s sales team. One seller asked me for ideas on keeping in touch with a prospect AFTER he was told “no”. He had...
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    A Four-Step Process To Disrupt Your Industry: Lessons from Alton Lane

    If you consider businesses with true transformative effects that really disrupt their industry — think of Uber, Tesla, or AirBNB, for example —...
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    What Comes After The Sales Process?

    This is the third in my series on the crucial importance of Sales Process.
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    Check Out Our New Look!

    Hola Growth Institute Community!
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    How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake Interviewers Make

    After interviewing candidates for hire, do you have an agonizing feeling in your gut that candidates gave you such vague answers you didn’t really...
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    That Prospect... Dead End or a Golden Opportunity?

    When business owners or salespeople hear prospects say, “I already have a contract for that, thanks anyway” they too often think there is no...
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    The Secret Behind Executive Presence

    Here’s the counterintuitive secret of developing more executive presence. Stop worrying about how you are perceived. Take the focus off yourself,...
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    Parrots Are Pets, Not Branding Strategies

    Take a look at these branding clichés: “Trusted source for quality entertainment.” ”We’re professional thought-leaders, heart-centered...
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    Live RICH - 2,500 Reasons I Love 2016

    When your company grows, do your mission and your message grow with it?
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    Your Success Hinges on the Words You Own -- Do You Know Them?

    There’s one career decision that separates those who get remembered and have a major impact on the world from those who get forgotten.
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