[VIDEO] Sleep is your most powerful asset


Productivity is the name of our current game. If you Google productive, you will find hundreds or articles, apps you can download, and advice columns on how to master productivity.

But the key to being productive might not be in list-making, or tracking your habits. It may be much more simple than that.

Arianna Huffington is a successful business woman, columnist, and co-founder of the The Huffington Post. As a woman with many achievements and list of successes to her name, Huffington definitely is a busy woman.

But as she points out in the video below, our present society almost prides itself on being busy. To a point of detriment. Some years ago, she explains, she passed out from exhaustion. She realized then that while she had all these successes, she was missing a critical component: sleep. 

Sleep is one of your most powerful assets. Huffington points out that maybe had there been a well-rested person acting as watch on the Titanic, the Titanic might not be as infamous as it is today. It might still be trudging the Atlantic.

There is no limit to what a well-rested person can accomplish, so make sleep your priority!