[VIDEO] Don’t be an expert at a million things – Warren Buffett


“You miss 100 of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky.

We’ve all heard this well-known saying. But maybe there should be a revision to this quote. The new quote would read “You miss 100 shots you don’t take. But you could also lose some of the shots you do take if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

So what to do? 

Warren Buffet has become a household name over time. As a highly successful investor, author and philanthropist, Buffett has also become the second-wealthiest person in America. He didn’t do this by taking every opportunity that ever crossed his path, however, or “taking every shot.” 

Quite the contrary, he only took shots he knew he’d make. 

In the short video below, Buffett offers his best advice: You don’t need to be an expert at a million things, or have an opinion on everything. You need to decide what are the few things you do want to be an expert on, and shoot for those.

Millionaires aren’t made from seizing every opportunity they have, they are made by investing their efforts heavily on 3-5 things, and making those their entire focus.


Watch the video below for the full Buffett wisdom!