[VIDEO] Evolved leadership will produce optimal results


A ship with no captain would soon sink. A ship with an incompetent captain? Probably the same fate.

The same concept applies in a company, team, or initiative. Without a competent leader, it’ll sink. But it’s not just competency that matters.

Bob Anderson, Chief Development Officer of The Leadership Circle, and expert in leadership development and management, gives many speeches and has consulted companies on the subject of leadership and evolved leadership.

In the video below, he points out that being a leader is more than just having the prerequisite skills and competency to be a leader. It requires a higher level of consciousness in this increasingly complex world. We need leaders that are wise, not just competent, because competency implies a basic level of satisfaction. What we need is people who can draw results from a barrage of information and resources.

If you want your company to produce optimal results, you need to invest in evolved leadership–leaders who will function and think at the level of complexity that the world does today. Watch the full clip to below to hear Anderson’s insights!