[VIDEO] Is the immune system getting the best of your organization?


If you've ever read, heard, or seen anything with Salim Ismail, you've heard his game-changing ideas of Exponential Organizations--or, organizations that scale up at unprecedented rates through rapidly-evolving technologies.

These organizations are doing things differently, and they're leading the world. Everyone recognizes them, even if not by the name "Exponential Organization." AirBnb, Uber, Amazon, Apple, Google, Twitter are now household names.

Salim has spent many years analyzing and learning about these organizations to pinpoint what exactly these organizations are doing differently. He came up with 10 facets, which he discusses in depth in his book Exponential Organizations. 

In the video below, he focuses on a crucial consideration when building an exponential organization though: circumventing the inevitable immune system response. 

Much like a human body, organizations have a defining set of processes and principles they run off. When something unfamiliar is introduced, the human body tends to attack it. 

The key to preventing this? Anticipating and training the organization to prepare for this impending radical change. Only then will the transition from a linear organization to an exponential one be successful.

Watch the video below to hear his full TED Talk, and check out his full Master Business Course on the Growth Institute site here, and learn how you can become an Exponential Organization!