[VIDEO] Aubrey Daniels brings out the best in others

We all want to be remembered as a beacon of light in the world. We want to feel we contributed, will be remembered positively, and ideally, brought out the best in others. Aubrey Daniels, pioneer in human behavior who created the field of performance management, points out that people are missing a fundamental component to bringing out the best.

While we understand we have to be positive, we lack the specific things we can do to be positive. We are too vague in our understanding. People enjoy being applauded and having their efforts recognized, Daniels elaborates. This means presenting a scoreboard where people can see their own progress, or signifying with something as small and effortless as a congratulatory sound byte when people accomplish another goal. 

The thing to remember, he points out, is people like being rewarded, no matter how small the reward is. 

Watch his full video below to hear his full interview below!