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Stop motivating people to do their best

by Karina Reyes

1 minute read


    If the title of this blog post sent red flags up immediately,  you weren't wrong. But the end of this blog post, you'll see reason to it.

    In this week's video, we address motivation. We hear countless strategies, seminars and workshops on how to motivate people. But there is another dimension to this topic. 

    Jim Collins is a widely-recognized consultant, author of best-selling book Good to Great and a foresmost researcher in leadership. Rather than figure out how to motivate people, or the what, as he puts it, you should be focusing on the who. 

    What if you spent more time selecting the people who are self-motivated rather than time figuring out how to make unmotivated people achieve more? The amount of time and money you'd save in training and rehiring when they dont' work out would be worth it. 

    So do yourself a favor and stop motivating people to do their best. Start finding people who are already doing that.

    Watch the full clip below to hear his full insight!






    Karina Reyes

    Karina Reyes

    Karina completed both her Bachelor of Arts in Studio art and Bachelor of Arts in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. She then went on to enroll in Houston Baptist University's Master's in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction program, where she earned her Texas Teacher's certification for English 9-12. Her role as an editor for a weekly newspaper, and six years of experience as a teacher combine to give her a thorough knowledge of curriculum, course development and best practices in content mastery.

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