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What identifies a top entrepreneur in an investor's eye

by Karina Reyes

1 minute read

    112317-VIDEO-OF-THE-WEEK-(LONG).pngIn this age of data and metrics and KPIs, it's evident that formulas and graphs are a key staple in determining what is worthy and what is not.

    When it comes to determining an entrepreneur's worth, however, you might be surprised that formulas and data aren't as reliable as one might think.

    Jeremy Levine is a seasoned investor and partner with Bessemer Venture Partners. Among his early-stage investments are Yelp, LinkedIn and Shopify, along with others. Like most investors, he's most likely had his share of poor and lucrative investments.

    But what's his secret? Does he have a tally sheet with certain criteria that must be met, or else he tosses a prospect aside? Not exactly. 

    In the video below, Levine describes how sometimes, it's precisely the entrepreneurs who don't fit a cookie-cutter checklist that end up being the best prospects. He has learned to recognize that the prime quality each successful entrepreneur has is excelling and being exceptional in some way that stands out.

    So rather than trying to fit a paradigm, focus on finding what that "some way" is for you. Watch the full video below to hear Levine's insights!





    Karina Reyes

    Karina Reyes

    Karina completed both her Bachelor of Arts in Studio art and Bachelor of Arts in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. She then went on to enroll in Houston Baptist University's Master's in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction program, where she earned her Texas Teacher's certification for English 9-12. Her role as an editor for a weekly newspaper, and six years of experience as a teacher combine to give her a thorough knowledge of curriculum, course development and best practices in content mastery.

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