How to harness the power of your remote teammates

An inevitable part of the digitalization of our world is that work is becoming increasingly remote. This means your employees are also becoming increasingly remote. 
In 2017, 43% of the U.S. workforce reported working from home at least part-time. This trend is only likely continue and expand.
John T. Meyer is the CEO and co-founder of Lemonly, an infographics design agency. Through the company's years, they have developed a stronger and bigger remote workforce.
Remote employees, he explains, can be a huge source of power. They can bring perspectives, fresh ideas and great talent from all parts of the world. The difference is in how you harness that power. In other words, how you manage your remote teams.
Above all, he says, it's important to keep open communication through any technology forms available, and keep remote employees feeling like an involved part of the culture.

Watch the video below to hear some tips and insights on managing a remote team!