[VIDEO] How to know yourself and make the right moves


When it comes to trusting yourself, it’s easier said than done. You’ll hear advice from peers or mentors, you’ll read articles that’ll sway your opinion on a choice you’re making. But the truth is, making decisions falls on you, and you alone.

Oprah Winfrey is regarded as an unexpected entrepreneur of our era. Having grown up in poverty from a tumultuous childhood, she forged her path in life and is now a household name with a net worth of $3.1 billion.  Her work as a talk show host, philanthropist and actress have brought much success and acclaim.

In the video below, Oprah discusses key elements to which she attributes her success. 

  1. Know yourself. Listen to what feels like the truth for you. She asserts that despite those around her continually telling her she would fail when decisions came up, she stuck with her gut. 
  2. Know what you don’t want to do. The amount of options presented at each decision are infinite. Do yourself a favor and decide beforehand which options you wouldn’t take. 
  3. Think and then act. As Winfrey says: Be still. Think. Then ask yourself: What is the next right move? Don’t try to tackle things all at once. Tackle them one at a time. Decide which is the next best step, then accomplish it. Then ask yourself what is the next best step. Repeat.

Watch the full clip below to hear Winfrey’s full discussion!