[VIDEO] What makes Tumblr's marketing innovative


It's no secret that advertising and marketing has long been a subject of great interest, with new formulas, methods and ideas emerging every few years.

With the dawn of the internet, advertising and marketing took another major turn, and since then has only sped up in its transformation.

David Karp is the founder of Tumblr, an infamous microblogging site that was one of the forefront social media sites that changed the way people share media, information and entertainment.

In this week's video, Karp narrates how Tumblr took an already-blossoming social media platform and turned it into one of the staples in our era. 

As he explains, marketing traditionally focused on "harvesting intent." Think of Google and their idea of taking already-existing interest, and funneling it into different channels and avenues through promotional ads and pay-per-click marketing. 

What Karp realized was that data mining and data science were only going so far to generate new leads and interest. Instead, what he and his team did was go straight to the people creating amazing content already on Tumblr. The storytellers. He gave them the task of helping boost Tumblr's presence and advertising on the web, and they took to the task and used storytelling to create compelling stories that made people want to engage with Tumblr.

He in essence turned the method from "harvesting intent" to "creating intent." People wanted to be part of Tumblr. That's what makes Tumblr's marketing innovative.

Watch Karp's full discussion below to learn more!