[VIDEO] Do you REALLY know your customers?


How many times have you surveyed your customers? If you're like many companies, often. You might even have a whole database of surveys you pull out for different occasions.

But here's something you may never have considered: Are you listening for your own benefit, or theirs?

Persuasion is at the core of a sales person's role. Your objective is to persuade people to buy into whatever product you are selling. Thus, companies have databases, they crunch numbers, they compile charts and graphs to develop the best persuasion techniques.

Adele Revella, CEO of Buyer Persona Institute, has years of experience as a sales executive, trainer and entrepreneur.  In this his video of the persona of different buyers, Adele breaks down how important it is to understand your customers not through formulaic surveys and data collection, but through genuine conversation.

While seemingly simplistic, Adele points out that many companies overlook this vital piece in understanding their customers. 

So the question remains: Do you REALLY know your customers? Find out more by watching the video below! If you want even more, watch her full On-Demand Seminar with Growth Institute!