Using your stories to really connect with people

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You probably noticed a trend in the last decade in which companies strive to be more human and relatable. Your message, your products, your webpage, it has to appeal to a higher consciousness to get the audience's attention now.
And guess what? You, as the leader of the company, are no exception. 
Nancy Duarte is a writer, speaker and CEO of Duarte, a company that focuses on persuasive presentation creation. Duarte impresses the importance of stories, and how CEOs should deliberately use stories to make an impact.
A CEO has every bit as much of a need to connect with their clients and employees as all other parts of the company. Storytelling provides an avenue in which to do that. They allow people to see the very real person behind the company, behind the product. 
The power of stories, Duarte explains, is that they connect people to each other, and they are far more likely to stay in people's minds and be retold than a regular presentation.
So ask yourself, are you infusing human touches through storytelling yourself?
Watch the full clip below to hear her full discussion!