How to save your employees from "change fatigue"

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Are your employees slumping lately? Do they seem tired and unmotivated? If so, your first inclination is to say they are "burnt out."
But rather than default to a cliché term, consider another one: change fatigue.
Brent Gleeson, veteran combat Navy Seal, motivational speaker and author of TakingPoint, decided that "burnt out" wasn't a good enough term to cover the complex phases that all employees go through.
As a company evolves and develops, everyone knows there are growing pains. Employees are often first in line as casualties to these changes. "Change fatigue" is the exhaustion employees feel as an inevitable byproduct of constant movement in the company.
To counteract this, and save the company's spirit, it's essential, Gleeson argues, to celebrate wins and milestones. Find small things to win continuously, to help your employees feel like there is positive movement forward, rather than overwhelming change. 
People need to be motivated and see the transformational change, and it's up to you to provide that. Watch the video below to hear the full discussion!