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[VIDEO] How to pick GREAT ideas, not good ones

by Karina Reyes

1 minute read

    It's no secret that what distinguishes entrepreneurs from others is their idea-per-minute brainpower. Entrepreneurs are overflowing with ideas, and it's what makes them successful people.

    Conversely, this same trait is also an entrepreneur's own detriment. This overflowing of ideas often turns into a deluge, making it impossible to follow through on anything!

    Enter Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley, as well as an entrepreneur, speaker, investor and philanthropist. As an entrepreneur of a successful company himself, Vishen shares his insights on how to pick GREAT ideas, not good ones. It boils down to three key steps:

    1. Can you connect the dots between two ideas? Start by picking out an idea is central, then look at another and see how these two ideas can be connected.
    2. Does the connection flow in both directions? Ask yourself, are both ideas mutually helping one another? There should be equal leverage between two ideas.
    3. Future leverage--how does this idea make future ideas more possible? By making this idea a solid plan, will other ideas become more viable in the future?

    The overall idea in this model is ensuring that every idea you choose to give energy to then powers another idea. Things can only go up from there!

    To see his full plan on how to pick great ideas in-depth, check out the video below!



    Karina Reyes

    Karina Reyes

    Karina completed both her Bachelor of Arts in Studio art and Bachelor of Arts in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. She then went on to enroll in Houston Baptist University's Master's in Secondary Curriculum & Instruction program, where she earned her Texas Teacher's certification for English 9-12. Her role as an editor for a weekly newspaper, and six years of experience as a teacher combine to give her a thorough knowledge of curriculum, course development and best practices in content mastery.


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