Why multitask when you can monotask?



We know, we know. The word of these days is multitasking. Everything in the world around us is built for multitasking. We want to get as many things done as soon as possible, andn our digital tools are evolving to help us manage just that.

But in the advent of these ultra-advanced technological tools, one man is proposing just the opposite: monotasking tools.

Paolo Cardini is a professor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, with a long history of designing and consulting for international firms in the field of industrial design.

In this short but friendly clip, Cardini leads us through examples of what our phones would look like if instead of having endless features, focused on just one--one feature designed to do exactly what one thing we want to do at one particular moment.

He shows us a picture of a phone that as an actual telephone and nothing else. Or what if you needed a GPS? What if we had "phones" that were just a GPS?

Even if our phones come equipped with multitasking features, Cardini argues, turn all those features off and enjoy the simplicity of monotasking. Get deep into the one task you are doing at that moment and resdiscover what it's like to immerse yourself in the simple life.