[VIDEO] Kick your bad habit by outsmarting it

Think about a weakness of yours that overpowers you, and you formed a bad habit around it. Would you pay a hypnotist to cure you of it? Would you pay oodles of cash in therapy to stop this habit? Turns out, it may be easier than you think to get rid of that pesky habit: Outsmart it. Charles Duhigg is a New York Times journalistand author of two best-selling books on habits and productivity. In the short video below, he uses the example of eating cookies every day, then breaking that habit. But his method can be applied to virtually anything. It consists of two easy steps:
  1. Diagnose your habit. Figure out what are the cues when it happens, what are the routines that follow those cues, and it’ll lead you to discover why the habit is even happening.
  2. Change your habit. The second part is the doing part. Next time you spot the cue coming on, change your routine. Do something different than what you would do normally. Make it different each day, and eventually, you’ll get rid of the habit altogether.

Watch the full video below to hear the discussion from Charles himself!