3 Attributes CEOs Need to Overcome Stress

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Being a CEO is a hard, lonely difficult road. It's no secret that it takes extreme perseverance and true grit. This has always been the case.

Nowadays, CEOs have an extra burden upon them: stress is constant. The digital age has made it so that CEOs can no longer disconnect. They are expected to be on top of it, 24 hours a day. Everything moves at a quicker pace now, and with that, so do problems. 

Justin Menkes is a leading expert on Executive Assessment, acting as evaluator for companies hiring C-level executives. He is also author of Better Under Pressure, a deep dive into what makes great executives.

In this clip, he share what he has learned through his decades of research and work in the field of executive assessment.

There are three essential attributes all CEOs must master, he enumerates:

1) Mastering realistic optimism. Setting realistic goals, and inspiring others to believe in them through optimistic means and measures

2) Subservience to purpose. Ensuring that the organization and every individual in it feels aligned and motivated to see their role as playing into a bigger purpose they believe in

3) Finding order in chaos. In age where pressures and stress are nonstop, it's important to find a to bring order and stability to these waves

Watch the full clip below to learn more!