[VIDEO] Make your employees want to stay


Abundance is a theme of our current times. Whether that's abundance of goods, services or technology, people have options.

Another area we don't consider as being abundant is job opportunities. The technology boom continues to produce abundant job positions, and companies continue popping out of thin air. How, in the age of so many options, do you get your employees to continue choosing your own company?

Jeanne Meister is the founding partner of Future Workplace and author of best-selling book The Future Workplace Experience. She is an expert in the domain of recruitment and workplace engagement.

In this short video below, Jeanne focuses on two critical strategies to make sure your employees are engaged and want to stay in your company. 

The first is having a humanistic approach to hiring and retainment. An easy example? Make their onboarding experience as smooth and connected as possible by bringing them into a community and mentoring programs. Employees that feel connected early on are likely to stay longer.

The second is providing room for mobility within the company. If someone comes in through marketing, but they'd like to learn data science, provide opportunities for trainings and programs for them to learn this new skillset. Employees are willing to stay long in a company in which they can keep learning.

Catch Jeanne Meister at the Gazelles ScaleUp Summit this May 23-24 in San Antonio, Texas!