Salespeople are not evil, but good!


It’s been a long-held belief that salespeople are manipulative, greasy balding old men, much like the cliche car salesman. Salespeople are innately believed to be trying to swindle you to make a few extra bucks.

But there is a new emerging view of the salesperson. 

Joe Polish is Founder and President of Piranha Marketing Inc., and creator of the Genius Network Interview series. He is a forefront expert in the field of marketing and has two notable podcasts on the subject that are well-followed.

In this short illustrated video summary, Joe starts off by giving a succinct definition of selling: “Getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that’s good for them, and getting them to emotionally to commit to take action to achieve that result.” He makes that point that people like Mother Theresa, John F. Kennedy did this very thing. But so did people like Hitler.

So is it good and bad? Joe argues that it’s not. “Sales is the oxygen that makes all of it work.” We learn from salespeople about products. How often do we learn about products in school? It’s salespeople that have the knowledge and expertise in products to help us understand how they will benefit us. 

Joe also argues that people actually like to be sold to. It’s being pressured that they don’t like. But if a salesperson is talking to you about a product you actually like and need, you won’t see it as pressure. Salespeople are welcome in such a situation.

Watch the full video below to find out why sales are not evil, but good!

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