[VIDEO] What successful entrepreneurs know about hiring and taking risks


There are without question many factors that go into creating a successful business venture. The question is–which of these should we be placing more weight on than others?

It’s safe to bet on the advice of those with a proven track record of success. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most prolific tech entrepreneurs of our era. In the video below, he offers his insights on two things all entrepreneurs deal with continuously: hiring and taking risks.

Taking risks is difficult. To each risk there will inevitably be pros and cons. But as Zuckerberg so adeptly puts it, “The biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.” Without big leaps, it means there will be no opportunity for growth or success.

His other bit of advice centers on hiring. We tend to believe we must hire those with a gamut of projects and proven experiences that indicate they are capable of a certain task or role. However, Zuckerberg argues that he himself wouldn’t be who is today if he believed in that. After all, he started Facebook, one of the most influential sites of our time at the mere age of 19 in a college dorm room.

Instead, he suggests looking at the whole spectrum of that individual. Assess their actual talent, their background, their interests. This keeps the best talent internally engaged and in the company, and lures talent from outside because they are keen to be in an environment that encourages opportunity and growth.

Watch the full video below to check out his whole interview!