[VIDEO] Disadvantages ARE your advantage.

We tend to believe that obstacles and disadvantages are inherently evil. The less we have of them, the better.

But disadvantages can actually be your biggest assets.

Malcolm Gladwell is a best-selling author, journalist and speaker who’s written and spoken widely about social psychology. In this week’s video, he speaks specifically about those things we perceive as disadvantages.

He gives as an example dyslexic individuals who have overcome their disadvantage and gone on to become successful in many ways. Because dyslexia forces individuals to re-read and take their time learning information, they end up learning even better than the average person. They are dutiful learners. What could be a major disadvantage ends up working in their favor.

He also gives the example of parenting. Oftentimes, parents will try to clear all obstacles for their children, thinking that they are helping them. Really what they’re doing, is preventing learning opportunities. It’s critical for parents to allow their children to learn and grow through their own failures.

If we learn to think of disadvantages as learning experiences, we open ourselves to growth.

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