[VIDEO] Want to get better results? Let someone else drive.


Do you love control? Do you being in charge, knowing what's going on, and delegating tasks to others?

You might be stifling your own success.

Baba Shiv is a professor and expert in the field of neuroeconomics. He studies how people make decisions and how it affects them. His studies have shed light on how we should be approaching decision-making.

In the video below, he enlightens us as to why it's often vital to let someone else drive. Letting someone else take control and make decisions produces better results and receives better efforts. Why is that?

When we make decisions ourselves, we risk receiving immediate negative feedback, or what Baba Shiv calls INCA (immediate concrete negative agency). The fear of this negative feedback makes you put less effort in, and thus you accomplish less. In brief, the idea of something going wrong and it being your fault keeps you from performing well.

So what's the solution? Let someone else drive--or let others make decisions. It allows you a clearer mind to perform to the best of your ability.

Watch the video below to hear his full TED Talk!