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    [VIDEO] Disadvantages ARE your advantage.

    We tend to believe that obstacles and disadvantages are inherently evil. The less we have of them, the better.
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    [VIDEO] How to optimize your virtual team

    Forty-three percent of Americans now work from home at least part-time, a New York Times article reported recently. And it’s only estimated to...
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    [VIDEO] Invest in the right attributes to get the innovation you want

    Innovation is the word of our era. Every company is looking to be innovative; you want every person you hire to be an innovator. Innovation has been...
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    [VIDEO] Kick your bad habit by outsmarting it

    Think about a weakness of yours that overpowers you, and you formed a bad  habit  around it. Would you pay a hypnotist to cure you of it? Would you pay...
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    [VIDEO] Being comfortable may ruin you

    We all enjoy being comfortable. A stable job, a stable home, a stable network of people. But sometimes what makes you comfortable can ruin you. A...
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    [VIDEO] The best advice is no advice

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    [VIDEO] Two ways to make positive foundational changes

    Stuck in a rut? Not sure how to inject a breath of fresh air into your life? Then this post is for you.
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    Salespeople are not evil, but good!

    It’s been a long-held belief that salespeople are manipulative, greasy balding old men, much like the cliche car salesman. Salespeople are innately...
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    [VIDEO] Conscious Capitalism is hope for the future

    Business has long been seen as a lifeless game, a competition. Businesses have long been trying to beat each other out, to get the numbers, to get...
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    [VIDEO] Make your employees want to stay

    Abundance is a theme of our current times. Whether that's abundance of goods, services or technology, people have options.
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