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Where thought-leaders curate new ideas to help you scale up your company.

    From Battles to Business: A Military Veteran Turned COO Redefines Leadership

    CEOs and top executives hold a lot of responsibility, from making corporate decisions to managing the operations and resources. Underlying all these...
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    BHAG — Why The Most Successful Companies Set Ambitious, Long-Term Goals & Why Yours Should Too

    “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” — Bill Gates I know it might seem...
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    It's The Fundamental Challenge For Advancing Management In The 21st-Century

    As the nature of work continues to shift from physical to mental activity, the fundamental challenge for advancing management into the 21st-century...
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    [VIDEO] Are You A Resilient Leader?

    As an entrepreneur you are going to get knocked down over and over again. Are you going to get back up?
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    Fix the environment, not the people - 4 levers for affecting the culture.

    We know that environment has a large impact on people’s behavior, yet as leaders, we are often too quick to blame a behavior on the person rather...
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    [Video] The Powerful Factor That Sparks Motivation in Employees

    Why is it that some companies seem to have droves of workers, all willing and engaging enthusiastically in day-to-day work? Yet other companies have...
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    The 4 Subconscious Secrets to Influence Anyone

    How many times have you tried to influence, enroll, engage someone in the past 2 weeks?
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    The kind of leaders we should strive for...The Multipliers

    Let's pretend you were presented with two choices. -One: An efficient battery that energized the one thing it was meant to power, yet drained...
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    [Video] The 4 Essential Qualities of a Healthy Team

    "Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene."
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    Stop Being Such A Predictable Leader: 6 Ways to Change this NOW

    Does your team “have your number?” Do your kids? Your significant other? Sure they do.
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